March 2021

I've just written my first BLOG - please take a look!  Very exciting I must say.

I'm enjoying selling lots of cards on Etsy - including these new 'woman and her bird' cards.  They come in packs of 5 - you can get 5 of one design, or a mixed pack of one of each for £12 (see my Etsy shop - the button below takes you straight to it).

And I am so grateful for all the lovely reviews that my customers leave for me on my Etsy shop.  Thank you so much - it means the world to me.xx

'These postcards are beyond beautiful!'

'Only problem is I don't want to send them to anyone - I just want to be greedy and stick them all over the house.'

'Absolutely beautiful postcards!'

'So colourful and uplifting... I'm keeping these for me, to display on my wall as positive mantras and reminders when I need them.'

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