January 2021

So into lockdown 3.  I am so grateful to have my art to absorb me.  I've been making more and more positive postcards and joyful greeting cards, which are selling well on Etsy.  You can now get 22 different designs of Positive Postcards with uplifting messages.  Friends and relations are so happy to receive these bright, encouraging images!

Customers have said:

'These postcards are beyond beautiful!'

'Only problem is I don't want to send them to anyone - I just want to be greedy and stick them all over the house.'

'Absolutely beautiful postcards!'

'So colourful and uplifting... I'm keeping these for me, to display on my wall as positive mantras and reminders when I need them.'


5 Otter Court, Ingsdon, Devon TQ12 6NW




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