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I am an artist living near Ashburton in Devon, England. 

At 19 I studied fine art in Florence.  Since then art and craft were only hobbies while I followed an academic-driven pathway, culminating in teaching English at a big secondary school. 

I started painting in earnest in 2015 finding the vivid, translucency of watercolours a marvellous antidote to the grey winters.  On giving up teaching in 2016 I studied painting with Flora Bowley who teaches how to paint intuitively using acrylic paint and building layers of colour before finding the final image.  This was a milestone for me – it freed me up and helped me find my individual style.  Since then I have gone on to develop my art in two ways: I paint joyful, vibrantly bright characters on canvas using acrylic paint, and I create more contemplative, quiet faces with mixed media on canvas or board, weaving words into them.  I feel these two styles are the yin and yang in me and I need both in order to feel fulfilled.

I paint with a grin on my face, listening to music and not letting my head control what’s happening on the canvas. At my first exhibition in September 2017 my work was described as ‘full of joy’.  I hope it puts a smile on your face.   Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing.


5 Otter Court, Ingsdon, Devon TQ12 6NW




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