Painting Workshops

Create your own Joyful Painting in one day!


Come and Paint!

I am really excited to be offering one-day painting workshops, starting this November in Ashburton, Devon.

If you like my style then why not come and create something of your own, guided by me!

We will work through my painting process, building up different coloured layers on a 50 cm square deep canvas, and then finishing with the design. 


There will be music, loosening-up, fun exercises, music and joyfullness.  You will be amazed by what you create.  

This one-day course is suitable for everyone - even if you feel you 'can't paint'.  Come, and let me prove to you that you can!

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For more details please get in touch.  The first few dates are:

November 13th

November 21st

December 5th

The cost is £75, which includes all the paint and the canvas. 

We'll be at The Ashburton Arts Centre, Devon TQ13 7DT